Identify specific career opportunities in IT that appeal to you.

When responding to your peers, add to a peer’s commentary on another IT topic that also intrigues you. What do these areas have in common that captures your interest? What will you need to learn about next?

Peer Response:

Identify specific career opportunities in IT that appeal to you.

The career opportunity that appeals to me, is the Network Specialist as well as Engineer. The elevator industry is rapidly advancing technologically. There are control systems that are now being installed that are microprocessor based and are internet enabled. Remote monitoring and universal connectivity are coming. It is currently in infancy, but with the speed in which advancements are made, it could be fully implemented before we are ready. Currently at work we use a TechTool, an iPhone with corporate applications, to account for time management, service call and procedural maintenance, logistics, tech manuals, and connectivity to company proprietary equipment. There is no universal interface between the various manufacturers, due to intellectual property laws.

Share in this discussion your reflections on something you learned in this course.

Our IT department regularly updates the apps and sends email announcing the updates. The wording of the emails are presented in the same manner as our course instructed. The milestone client debrief is essentially what the email does. Clear, concise wording using substantiated facts. This really connected some missing links for me.

Identify the topic that you found most interesting and the topic that was least interesting.

To identify a specific topic that was most interesting will be difficult. I was intrigued with all of the topics studied. Understanding the interrelations and interactions between the user, the machine, the data, the internet and securing it all while functioning properly was very interesting to me. There was no topic that was least interesting. There are definitely areas that I will work on to broaden my understanding.

Identify the area of emphasis within the IT field you are considering based on what you learned in this course.

My area of emphasis should be network specialist and engineer. I am very satisfied with my chosen profession, but as with any career, job skills maintenance and expansion are necessary. By taking what I currently know, and apply it to engineering and networkspecialist, I feel that I can enhance the job for others and keep a positive level of job satisfaction and fulfillment. The industry I am in is going to evolve from what it is now to a computerized, interconnected system. My company is in a position to bring about this industry shift, and I wish to play a part in it.


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