civil Engineering ((Structure))

1- you intend construction your residential building in Huston where hurricane and flood from Harvey is imminent

write a 2-3 pages of report stating

A: what factors to consider before construction.

B: how will you mitigate the effect of the flood and hurricane (wind) from destroying your building.

(provide evidence. (pictures) where necessary)

2- in the case if you have home in florida, do you think re-construction of destroyed homes by government should be considered? and if not why?

(buttress your point using cost implications of rebuilding, imminent hurricane even in near future (2-3 pages)

please do not copy please because i will put it on SafeAssign

and i need it by Word also

to make sure it is 2 assignments

each of the 2-3 papers

and please if you can use an easy words because i am an international student also i will present what i read



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