Veteran Affairs and Needs

4 page minimum, cover page, APA, Journal citation and book citation up to 5 citations please.

Assignment #1: This is a four -page (minimum) take home essay. It is due at the start of class on 9/13/2019. Describe who is a Veteran, and discuss what services they are in need of, how those services should be provided, and why. Support your position and include discussion of concepts from the class discussions and the readings. You might consider how privatizing Veteran’s care might impact services.

Support your position and use an academic style of writing (this is not an opinion piece). A cover page is required and should include class name, professor name, your name and the date. Include a reference section for any references cited in the paper. (Learning objectives A, B, C)

Text Book: Pryce, J, Price, D; Shackelford, K (2012) The Costs of Courage. Lyceum Books


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