mpact the consumption of your cultural foods

hello, please answer those question below ( base on you) ( this is my interview paper. And you are the person I interview)

Did your family immigrate to the United States? If yes, how many generations ago?
What is your ethnic background?
Do you have a religious affiliation?
What is your socioeconomic status?
What foods are indicative of your culture?
How many meals do you eat every day?
What food items are needed to make a meal for you?
What are the major holidays you and your family celebrate each year?
Who usually shares meals?
Where is food normally consumed?
When is food usually eaten?
What outside influences impact the consumption of your cultural foods?
What are the symbolic meanings of food known to your culture?
How has the American culture influenced your cultural habits and traditions?
How do you feel your cultural habits and traditions have influenced Americanculture?



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