Discussion & Responses: Research Methods

Read “Innovative Data Collection Methods in Criminological Research.”

Do you agree with the issues and challenges of collection methods in criminological research as described in the article? Why or why not? How can these methods be applied to the work you are undertaking in this course?

Remember to post on at least two classmates’ threads. React to their opinions and share your thoughts with them.

Peer post 1

There are a number of items that I agree with in the collection and challenges of methods in research.One of the main components of research, is getting data.When you do not have an availability of data, the facts cannot back up the answers of the research question in itself.In the criminal justice profession, crime happens while one is on, and off duty – sometimes not observed directly.When we are receiving indirect evidence as part of the criminal research process, the processes rely on data and driven decisions.

Another issue is retrieving data with the potential of limited resources, manning, and equipment.In order to get to certain key aspects of data, you have to have the proper technology and resources in order to do the research. As the article discussed, there are financial constraints that may come along with having the proper practical and financial means necessary to do research and collect data (Louis van Gelder & Daele, 2014).

Being able to utilize meta-data analysis and beta enterprise management, this will allow me to apply research collecting methods when needed.This will provide me with the ability to collect statistics through systemic approaches and observations.Combining innovation and technology will allow me to apply innovative approaches such as: researching through social network, and measuring elements from an individual’s sociology and psychology perspective.By utilizing the innovative and technological methods, it will allow me to understand different research methods and what works best for the type of criminal justice work I am trying implement as a practice through research.Applying evidence based practice and research will also allow me to hold credibility when it comes to theoretical concepts and collecting information to combine for criminological research.


Kleck G, Tark J, Bellows J: What methods are most frequently used in research in criminology and criminal justice? [Article]. J Crim Justice 2006, 34(2):147–152. doi:10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2006.01.007 doi:10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2006.01.007 10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2006.01.007

Louis van Gelder, J. & Daele, S. (2014) Innovative data collection methods in criminological research: editorial introduction, Retrieved from https://crimesciencejournal.biomedcentral.com/arti…

Peer post 2

I agree that taking a look at new technologies is important in updating research methods God knows the criminals are using it. No one likes change and there challenges and why a few reasons people stick to what they know, it’s comfortable tried and true. Google street view was interesting and I can see how it would interest a burglar also if not already. Training new researchers up and coming may have more interest in the new technologies. I am old school myself and never had any training on use of a computer and here I am going to school online and still learning to use it Lol. Criminals are not going to let you observe them but social media leaves a footprint of activity. A lot of crime goes unreported so that’s a factor even crime reports list only main crime of an offender like murder would be listed over that of a sexual assault. We have a need for younger researchers or training open to criminalists before a change would be realized.

Innovative data collection methods in criminological research: editorial introduction, Jean-Louis van Gelder, Stijn Van Dale



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