Southwest Airlines environmental issues

Responses should be short – on the order of one to four sentences, depending on the nature of the question
1.Based on an Environmental Analysis (see the PowerPoint on external analysis) of the six Environmental Segments, please briefly describe the 4 to 6 environmental issues that you believe are most relevant to Southwest’s strategy.

2.Perform a Five Forces analysis (see the PowerPoint on external analysis) on the airline industry (not Southwest specifically) and decide whether each of the five forces is weak, medium, or strong (this is not necessarily clear cut and will require you to form an opinion).
A.Provide a one sentence explanation for each of the Five Forces that explains why you reached the conclusion that you did.
B.Finally, which one or two of the forces are most important for Southwest to address?

3.What are some threats faced by Southwest?

4.What are some opportunities faced by Southwest?




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