National Geographic Taboo S01E03 Food

answer those question below after watch video and read article

Please read/watch and answer below:

Food Taboo Video-Watch until 29:40

National Geographic Taboo S01E03 Food (Links to an external site.)National Geographic Taboo S01E03 Food

Food Acceptance and RejectionPreview the document

Food TaboosPreview the document

From the articles:

What foods of your culture do you reject and why?
Which quality in foods most affects your acceptance or rejection of a food? Use the reasons suggested in the Food Acceptance/Rejection article.
Do children’s tastes in foods change over time? Why?
What food/s did you hate as a child, but like now?
List 3 specific examples of where our food likes and dislikes come from.
What is a permanent food taboo? Give a specific example.
What is a temporary food taboo? Give a specific example.
From the video (minutes 0-29:40):

What foods were featured?
Describe an experience you’ve had with an unfamiliar food.



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