Ethics in Engineering

For your initial post, I want you to describe an ethically challenging situation you lived through, observed, or heard from others at your workplace. You may use your internship experience or other work experience for your discussion. If you cannot remember any ethically challenging situation (this is actually good), I want you to describe a hypothetical situation in your post. You may refer back to the NSPE Board of Ethical Review cases for inspiration and ideas. For the two reply posts, I want you to try to resolve ethical challenges posted by others by using the “Methods for Resolving Ethical Dilemmas” learned in Module 3. You may use either the Nine-Step Systematic Process or the Moral Imagination processes described in Module 3, but you must use either of the structured approaches in your evaluation of the case and in your response.

Initial posts should be 200-250 words. Reply posts should be 100-150 words. Note: You must make an initial post before you can see what others have posted.

For information on how to use the discussion forum, go to the Bb Tutorials/Documentation link on the course menu.



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