Social Comparison

For this online assignment, I’d like everyone to take a “break” from social media, or some other online website where social comparisons might occur (e.g., YouTube, Reddit, etc.). How long this break lasts, and what you take a break from, is up to you.

To complete this assignment, please submit a PLAN for your break, and then answer the following questions :

POST #1 : Plan your Break

What’s the social media or other website that you are going to take a break from? Why did you choose this website, and how often would you say you normally use this website?
What are some examples of upward social comparisons that happen on this website? Be specific (but don’t reveal anyone’s name or photo please!)
What’s your plan for the break? Pick a reasonable and doable break. This could be up to you. It could be 24 hours, the entire weekend, just 1-hour before bed…whatever works for you.
POST #2 : Reply to Your Own Post

How did the break go? Was this challenging? Were you successful?
Do you feel like you reduced the impact of social comparisons by taking this break? Were there any other changes or consequences (either positive or negative) that you noticed or experienced?
Were you personally able to replicate the effects reported in the research article that you are reading for Reading Response #1 (e.g., did you also feel less lonely)?



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