Management of governmental and organizational functions

eading Requirements this week:
Complete the following reading for this week:
Read this chapter by Vaskevitch describing the evolution of technology in the attachments (it is a bit dated but the historical elements are particularly useful for understanding how technology evolved over the past 50 or so years)
Note: When citing an article provided by an instructor, if the some of the citation information is missing and not available in the article, you can cite it this way:
If no author: Article Title (2019). Article provided byWB instructor.
If no book or journal title: Author Last Name and Initial (2019). Article provided by WB instructor.
(If the article contains the date it was published, then you would use that year instead of the current year)
all written submissions should generally adhere to the following:
1. There is no need to include a separate cover page. Provide a title for the assignment and your name at the top of the first page.
2. For brevity-sake, single space your written assignments.
3. Use 1″ margins (left, right, top and bottom).
4. Indent all paragraphs (APA style).
5. Use standard 11-pitch or 12-pitch fonts.
6. For citations, use APA style.
7. All writing should be expository format, with proper grammar, spelling and effective use of the English language.
8. Use sub-titles to organize your writing. However, your writing should not include one-sentence paragraphs or one-paragraph sub-sections.
9. Use bullet lists sparingly. We are not writing outlines.
10. Do NOT copy and paste content from the Internet. I want your thoughts. Points will be subtracted for content that is copied and pasted. Along those lines, do not plagiarize. Cite your sources. If I think something has been plagiarized I will check and if true I will direct you to theethics policy.
11. For the best possible grade demonstrate that you have spent sufficient time on the assignment. Often it is necessary to do Internet searches to obtain additional background material. For the assignment I would like to see that you have done sufficient background research, that you have read the instructions and that you have spent time reflecting on the task and thoughtfully constructing your written response to questions and issues.
12. Length: Providing your thoughts about this week’s lecture should take 1/2 to1 page. for each case, the brief summary of facts is likely 1/2 page and the answers to each question are likely to be from 1/2 to 1 page in length per question. If the entire submission is 1 or 2 pages in length I am going to think that insufficient thought and effort was put into the assignment. I think the assignment should not exceed 8 to 10 pages.
Since our lecture this week was a bit “down in the weeds,” as it needed to be, it will be useful to spend time reflecting on technology at a higher level. Two brief case studies are provided below
Read the case studies and do the following:
1. A section offering your perspective regarding the Lecture Videoorlecture slides( in the attachments )
2. For each case:
— A brief summary of the case facts
— Answers to the questions at the end of the case.
case study 1: Can Netflix Survive ( in the attachments )
case study 2: Census Bureau Wireless Implementation( in the attachments )



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