Command and control

Part1: Please answer the question in a min of 250 words.

When developing a global marketing plan one of the primary considerations to consider is the use of centralized or decentralized control for decision-making authority. Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages associated with command and control at the local country level.
Predict the various growth opportunities that will emerge in markets within the global trade arena. Next, speculate on three (3) primary concerns that should be considered when conducting business in emerging countries and possible solutions to overcome these concerns. Justify why these concerns need to be addressed.
Part 2: Please comment and give your opinion on the student post below. Please answer the the question in a min of 100 words. (Jasmine)

Since centralized (top-down) and decentralized (bottom-down) planning each have their pros and cons, many companies prefer hybrid planning. Centralized planning begins at the top with corporate then guides down to the local level. Decentralized is the opposite of this and starts at the local level then consolidates at the headquarter level. It’s easier to market products with a global response and performance monitoring with centralized planning. An advantage to decentralized planning at the local country level is embracing the local responsiveness, however, unbranded competition could be an issue.

Three concerns when conducting business in emerging countries are: underdeveloped technology, shortage of resources, and youthful population. Not having an ample amount of resources or up to date technology can hinder the growth process of an organization. A growth opportunity that could be a solution to the concerns would be push vs pull activities. Those activities result in the opportunity for consumers to switch brands more frequently. For example, in store promotion heavily influences buying decisions, especially with a youthful population.

Part 3: Please answer the question in a min of 250 words.

Describe one (1) of the primary barriers to entry that limit access to the global eCommerce marketplace. Next, determine whether this barrier is primarily a company or country issue, then provide a solution that will address this barrier.
Speculate on why you believe it is important for a global business to be a good corporate citizen. Next, discuss the value corporate social responsibility (CSR) provides to the marketing team. Provide support for your responses.
Part 4: Please comment and give your opinion on the student post below. Please answer the the question in a min of 100 words. (Jasmine)

The main primary barrier that limits access to the eCommerce marketplace is language barriers. This structural barrier is a major issue because for eCommerce to be a global marketplace, majority of the Web content is U.S. focused and in English. There’s limited face-to-face business interactions and because of this people are less likely to learn another language would use a translator instead. This is a country issue because it’s culturally related and unique to each region. The solution to this barrier would be for more internal and external users open to learning the other language, especially English. The Internet is one of the most important international market tools for staff, suppliers, and consumers worldwide.


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