Elizabeth’s religiosity

Susan Doran is one of the leading historians of Tudor England. This essay looks at the hundred or so letters (out of 3000) that deal with religion. But Doran is under no illusions that she is really glimpsing the real soul of the monarch: “No personal letters in which the queen laid bare her soul have survived, or probably were ever written.” (700).

500-WORD ESSAY PROMPT: What picture emerges of Elizabeth’s religiosity? Are you convinced by Doran’s argument? Why or why not?

EVERYTHING must be CITED, at least 6 direct quotes and cited like the following “Any baby that is Kell negative will not be attacked by the mother’s antibodies and will carry to term if otherwise healthy” (834).

Two page double spaced, 1in margins, size 12 New Romans, attached is the article that must be used, no outside sources. Also, attached is the rubric ignore the last one. Make sure that the thesis and intro are strong. A good thesis kind of “gives away” the point of the essay. A clear thesis gives a plan for the body paragraphs so that your reader knows what is coming.


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