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When you were a child, people probably asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most likely, you answered with an occupation: lawyer, doctor, fireman, etc. You probably didn’t say, “Democrat,” “Republican,” or “a happy person.” As adults, people find out about others by asking them who they are (e.g., “What do you do?”).
This should help illustrate the point that occupations can contribute to self-image and the image others have of you. There is research that indicates that occupation and self-esteem are intertwined. As such, it’s important to find a job that meets your needs, so that the self-image you have is the self-image you would like it to be. In addition to contributing to self-image, your occupation also determines:
What you do everyday
Work environment (e.g., indoor or outdoor)
How much money you make
How long you work each day
The clothes you wear
When you take vacations

Landrum, R. E., & Davis, S. F. (2014). The psychology major: Career options and strategies for success (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Pay particular attention to the article, “Online career-exploration resource for psychology majors”

Respond to BOTH: STUDENT A and STUDENT B colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways: Expand on or ask a question about your colleague’s definition of health Expand on your colleagues’ choices of dimensions of wellness with additional insight or resources Offer additional ideas of how your colleagues could inspire others to be healthier In addition, you may also respond as follows: Offer and support an opinion. Validate an idea with your own experience. Make a suggestion.


Registered Behavior Technician

All kids first is seeking registered behavior techs and therapists for home based therapy. There are also some clinical locations. The company uses ABA therapy which is (Applied behavior Therapy). ABA is a scientific discipline concerned with applying techniques based upon the principles of learning to change behavior or social significance. Some Qualifications include having a B.A in psychology, education, social work, or behavioral science. They are looking for an individual who is organized ,great note taking skills, completes tasks, and someone who has reliable transportation. The company also wants someone who can work well with children and families

The position is part time-25/hour

I am a very well organized individual. I am experienced with taking detailed notes. I also have reliable transportation. I currently do not possess a RBT.(trained requested behavior tech)The company does provide assistance if an employee is interested in obtaining a license. I could always improve my accuracy skills. Sometimes I tend to focus on speed more than anything. I also have great people skills. I am a well rounded diverse individual .

A couple of pros in this career would be the pay and the part time hours: which would come in handy with my daughter being young. Another pro would be the joy of helping children and families into better lives. There are different areas in Georgia that would be accessible to me. One of the cons is the part time status as well. Though it may be good for now with my daughter being young, I eventually may want to move into full time and I would have to see if that’s even an option with the company later down the road. Another con would be not knowing everyday if I’ll be going to someone’s home or a clinic site. If I have a heads up that would be great . I am curious if that changes on a day to day basis.

Social change-As far as social change I plan on being an advocate for children with no voice. I want to be an advocate for the families that are at what they feel is a “dead end”. I plan on giving hope to people around me. Another part of my social change would be continuing to always do my research and study in my field even after I graduate because things are constantly evolving
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Job find:

STUDENT B (Timothy)

School Psychologists – Nationwide Opportunities

Apply Now


We have immediate openings for School Psychologists and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology who are passionate about enriching the lives of children! Invo HealthCare – Progressus Therapy is recognized as the nation’s leading provider of school-based and early interventions services. We have full-time and part-time nationwide opportunities available for School Psychologists.

We have exciting opportunities available in Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Delaware, Illinois, and more! Submit your resume directly –

For more than twenty years, Invo-Progressus has been providing therapeutic services that create better outcomes for children. The Invo-Progressus team is comprised of some of the nation’s most talented and influential education and therapy leaders all of whom have a keen understanding of how to meet the unique needs of school districts, children and families and help them succeed. We are committed to helping children and families, school leaders and clinicians achieve success.

Best Practices. Best Careers. Best Outcomes for Children.

Full Time Benefits

Competitive compensation
Excellent Benefits medical/dental/vision coverage
Licensure reimbursement
Generous professional development funding annually
Professional membership stipend
Complimentary CEUs with some of the most recognized presenters in the nation
401(k) retirement saving plan with a discretionary company match
Unparalleled mentoring and support for CFs, new grads and clinicians new to schools
Many more!


Appropriate State licensure or ability to obtain required licensure
Proficiency to conduct psycho-educational evaluations of school-aged children identified or suspected of having learning or behavioral disabilities, and to develop reports on findings
Provide psychological counseling to students, parents and staff, and as needed make referral to appropriate community resources
Observe pupils in classrooms and other school settings
Serves as member of the IEP team for students with psychological concerns
Facilitate goals and objectives per child’s educational plan
Administer and evaluate standard psychological tests to assess the intellectual, educational, emotional, social and behavioral development of referred students, if needed
Maintain appropriate records
Work in coordination with school personnel and parents to develop appropriate programs for eligible students
Ability to effectively communicate with teachers, administrators, and parents
Ensure all services are performed in accordance with state laws and regulations
Experience working in school programs or with pediatric populations is prefer

For the most part I qualify for the current position and would need very little to start working. Currently the job position requires that I be licensed in my state. In order for me to become licensed in my state I must first possess a BA in Psychology and begin working on my 1500 hours of supervised sessions. Once I’ve completed the hours I can take the state test and if I pass I can start working on 1500 hours required for licensure. I’m currently in school working on my BA in Psychology and will transfer to the MA and PhD program after graduation. At this point the only thing that I would need to actively work in the Psychology field is the BA and intern licensure.

I would have to say that the Pros of working in Psychology as a licensed psychologist is that I can begin my own practice or I can ask my current employer if she’d like to split her business and I’ll buy 50%. Other Pros would be simple things like knowing that my opinion in what services we offer would mean more or how the money is spent and even begin some type of investment plan.

The Cons of working in Psychology would be the type of clients I would service, my profit margin would go down and sometimes the job lasts longer than eight hours. I’m in the psychology field because I want to make a difference in the lives of my clients so that they can live healthier. With that said I doubt that I would turn anyone away that needed help. This decision might mean the clients are unstable and could have non-violent outbursts.

The main reason I am going into the Psychology field is because I came from an abusive home and understand the challenges I had to face every day just to survive. It was no easier getting my education so that I could help people someday because of the emotional abuse I often was withdrawn from people. Understanding the hardships I endured gives me a better view on how to help and make a true difference in their lives.



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