Early Childhood Education Scholarly Connections

After conducting a meta-analysis including over 11,000 pieces of research spanning over 50 years, a list was compiled of 28 factors that govern student learning. Of these factors, it was determined that “the single most important factor that governs student learning is classroom management” (Wong, p. 80). At this point of your student teaching, you have likely experienced some challenges of juggling lesson planning, instruction, assessment, and other professional responsibilities… not to mention trying to balance your own life and responsibilities. Teaching can be exhausting! Harry Wong provides some fantastic insight on a simple way to go home less tired each night in his video titled “Procedures not Discipline”. Access to this video is contained in your textbook materials. Although the video is a bit long (15:21), it is packed with excellent information and practical suggestions.

After reading Chapters 11, 18, 19, and 20 in your textbook compose a 2-3 page essay elaborating at least three ways you will create a well-managed classroom. Keeping in mind that “Effective teachers manage their classroom. Ineffective teachers discipline their classroom” (Wong, 82), address concepts such as physical set-up of the classroom, daily procedures, and overall student/teacher/classroom expectations. Please remember to include specific references to the course materials in addition to relevant reflections/connections.

**Rubric and Chapter readings attached.



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