Leadership Discerned

This paper will take an in-depth look at the research on leadership.

This paper will take an in-depth look at the research on leadership. In addition this paper will integrate a personally philosophy of leadership based from the research and course content.

Students will complete a 4 page paper reviewing the literature on a current leadership style/philosophy that most applies to their own personal view of leadership.

 The paper will include a minimum of 5 scholarly articles. These

articles should be cited throughout the paper along with the text and other relevant sources.

 The paper will include a review of the articles integrated with the

student’s own personal philosophy of leadership. The following are issues that should be addressed in your philosophy:

• A definition of leadership (which may be borrowed, modified, or original) and the relationship between leadership and communication.

• An explanation of the theoretical position you most closely identify with and why this is preferable to other perspectives.

• How your leadership style manifests itself in terms of ethics, values, decision making, and conflict management.

Product: The paper will be in APA (6th Ed.) format. Margins should be 1” and font should be 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced, left justified. Please make sure to remove any automatic formatting.The paper should be about 4 pages and include at least 5 references. No abstract is needed.

I have some links to the articles you can use as the resources. Keep in mind it should be in APA format.

Leadership is a natural recurring role people have always partaken in throughout human existence. Leadership goes back as far as ancient Egypt and China; every tribe and group of people naturally have a leader – and there are so many approaches one can take as a leader. How people choose a leader is something that is still being researched. Lawrence (2010) conceptualized leadership as a mix of four main human characteristics and drives which are: the need to acquire, to defend, to bond, and to comprehend. When these four qualities combine and are balanced long term by the leader then there is great appreciation from the followers. In my personal experience, I defined leadership as it meaning, “making decisions in the best interest of the group” (Sanchez 2019). It seems like my definition of leadership resonates with the four qualities since both definitions are looking to serve followers and care for them. This is why

The Yearly Review of Leadership claims, “the purpose of leadership is to emphasize learning about leadership as opposed to learning how to lead” (Winter 2000). Since it is a behavioral science with a lot of research and antecedents; we should look at other leaders and learn from their mistakes. It is also important to focus on what we can learn about leadership. This is why, authentic leadership is the approach that resonates the most with me if I had to choose a leadership style.






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