Discussion: The News–Marketplace

So the reason I asked you about where you git your news from was intended to start you thinking about this very issue, and then perhaps open the door to a new source for you that is relevant to the class.

There is a weekday show on NPR published by American Public Media called Marketplace. It drops each day at 6:30 pm local time, so if you don’t listen on your local affiliate, that is when you can find it on the website. There are a few different shows on the site (Morning Report, Weekend Report, Tech Report) but the one you want is called Marketplace and is about thirty minutes in length.

I like this show because it makes sometimes complex business and marketing issues very accessible (by that I mean understandable) for folks that don’t work in marketing and finance every day. The host Kai Rysdaal is an easy voice to listen to, and the reporters give us great insights on the topics.

For this week (and I hope for many weeks and months to come), I want you to work this in to your listening schedule. For the discussion this week, write a post of about 300 words that summarizes a story that resonated with you, why it resonated with you, and your own insights on the issue. Try not to duplicate any story that has already been reviewed in a post.



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