Global Scientific Society resentation Wrap-Up

It is important to think about your obligation as a citizen in today’s society. You need to understand the science behind issues that impact you and other people on this earth every day. Answer the following questions:

1.How can being a more scientifically informed member of society benefit you and your community?

2.Include the title of the TED Talk that you chose to watch in this learning block as well as one point made by the speaker to support your response. (Or watch Paul Gilding discuss how the earth’s capacity is nearing a tipping point, and how innovation is the answer, in the TED Talk “The Earth Is Full.” )…

3.Why do you think there is value in understanding and studying the natural sciences when considering not only the impact of science on the global community, but to each of us individually?

8-3 Presentation Wrap-Up ( 3 pages/ power point )

In this learning block, you will use what you have learned to complete your third and final project, a presentation. In this project, you will organize the work you have done throughout Themes 3 and 4 and assemble a presentation that discusses why the question you developed in your Project 2 question development worksheet is important and communicates the value of studying the natural sciences. In this learning block, you will submit your Project 3 presentation. This will bring Theme 4 to a close. Be sure to carefully review the assignment instructions and rubric so you can address all of the important pieces of this assignment and earn maximum points. Pay specific attention to the “Supporting Work and Resources” section, which identifies where you have already made progress to address the critical elements of the presentation prompt throughout the course. These are the same items you have been flagged to save and make note of throughout Themes 3 and 4

See Rubic…








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