Reflecting on Financial Reporting

This is the first of our portfolio discussion forums. It will be a chance for us to post our initial portfolio selections for the class to consider. It will also be a chance for us to share our experience with the Stock Track virtual stock market tool. Some may have had an intuitive navigation through the tool(s). However, there is much excess information available in the stock track website…so don’t feel overwhelmed if it wasn’t an easy first time through.

What I would like for you to do is post an introductory thread that has your positions that you chose to include in your portfolio. I would also like your rationale for choosing the equities (or other investments) that you chose to include. This rationale could be as basic or informed as you can demonstrate. Remember, the idea of this class is that you have very limited exposure to the stock market. Therefore, you may have rationale that includes “I have always been interested in Google for reason XYZ….(unrelated to past or suspected future performance). Also, your knowledge may be far advanced from the rest of us based on academic/professional/personal experiences. Therefore, your rationale would theoretically be based on more informed decision making tools/methods. The later discussion forums will allow us to demonstrate our growth and reflection on what we originally had as rationale or even portfolio positions. Even those that are more informed will have the opportunity to reflect as to whether their informed decision played out as expected. Remember that even if we think a company is going to perform strongly…we never REALLY know how the market will react. It is still a gamble. However, just like in sports or any other risk endeavor, those who are more informed are in a better position to make it out on the winning side.

I would also like for you to identify if there are any items that you found on the website that were particularly helpful…or particularly frustrating. If a classmate demonstrates something that resonates with you, let them know…even if you already knew, let them know. If it helped you, also let them know. If someone presents an issue that they cannot find or understand or navigate something, help them out! This will allow for our group dynamic to resonate through the forums.

Remember, there are two components that make up your discussion grade. You are graded on participation and leadership. This guidance aspect and community sharing that I reference above is going to showcase your discussion leadership.

Post your current portfolio with rationale (feel free to respond to classmates that had similar positions or completely different positions)
Share best practices and/or frustrations
Build on your classmates best practices with feedback to them…or help them through their frustrations




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