Facilities management homework

Lecture is attached below.

CHOOSE ONE of the case studies below:

• Just like last week, I am not looking for you to implement a SOLUTION- I am looking for your thought process in DEVELOPING A PLAN to address your selected scenario in an effort to implement a solution- what do you need to take into consideration?

• What questions do you have about the scenario you’ve chosen, list them.

• How will you find and where will you go within the organization to get the answers? Who/ what do you need to assist?

• What ASSUMPTIONS did you make? List them.

• What factors will your plan need to take into consideration?

• Use the materials on the class website to guide you

• How will you measure the value of your solution and how will you measure success?

Case Study # 1- Health, Safety and Security


Your FM team is tasked with developing a Health, Safety and Security plan for Roeder Laboratories located in Campbell, CA. The building is a manufacturing building that utilizes chemicals as part of the manufacturing process. Roeder Laboratories has a number of patents and intellectual property that make them leaders in their industry.

You team has been tasked to develop a comprehensive high level plan in the next week and prepare a documented plan of action that provides a comprehensive way forward for employee health, safety and security as well as the protection of the IP Roeder Laboratories has.


Case Study # 2- Insource or Outsource Facility Management-


Roeder Laboratories in Campbell, Ca manufactures and distributes high end components for the NASA Space Station. The building you are in is brand new. As the only Facility manager on staff, your small team has a decision to make. Will you handle the oversight of the facility internally or externally?

Roeder Laboratories has manufacturing onsite and uses chemicals as part of the manufacturing process.

Your team has one week to develop a comprehensive high end documented plan and presentation to the CEO detailing how you should proceed in developing a winning facility management insourcing and outsourcing strategy that keeps Roeder Laboratories a leader in their field.



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