Emerging Technology Infographic Project

In Stage 1 of the Emerging Technology Infographic Project, students will prepare a “Proposal” prior to creating the digital infographic. The Infographic Proposal is to be typed in Word

What is an Infographic?
Review “What is an Infographic?” word document, before you begin to prepare your proposal, which will provide important background information about infographics and also includes some sample infographics.

Proposal Requirements
The Proposal is to be approximately (3) double-spaced pages (body of paper including the Reference List/Sources) and include the following parts:

Identify/Describe the Technology Theme selected for the infographic with an introduction explaining its: 1) focus (ONE question that will be answered and will be the focus of the infographic), 2) purpose (informing, increasing awareness, educating, or convincing the target audience to take action), and 3) why you chose this topic. If you’d like some starting ideas for questions to research,Below is document “Infographic Topics and Questions generation activity”, You don’t have to use one of these, but there were plenty of good ideas from this process that could act as a point to begin from.
Identify Statistical Data and Information Sources for the infographic with citations in a Reference List following APA style format – 6th edition that will be used to tell your Infographic’s “story” surrounding your theme. There should be at least 3-5 statistical data and information sources of which only 1 source should be primarily for background information. All statistical data and information are to be from reputable sources and relevant. Important! Refer to word document “Statistical Data and Information Sources for the Infographic” for recommended sources to explore.
3. Annotate your Information Sources to identify relevance and credibility. Each of the 3-5 information sources are to include the following:

Annotation with full bibliographic information containing the following:
Description of the data source with a brief summary. (Note: the summary must be “paraphrased” in your own words – NO DIRECT QUOTES from the information source!)
Describe the relevance of information source. How is this data source directly relevant to your topic and/or intended audience? Why did you choose this source? Support how this source is relevant.
Discuss the accuracy and currency of information source. (Is the information in the source accurate and up-to-date?)
NOTE: Each source’s annotation is at least 5-7 sentences in length.






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