Organization Change Management

Assessment 2: Preparing for change overview

Weeks 1, 2, and 3 covered a number of issues relating to how people react to change and the preparedness of organizations for change. Effective change leaders are aware of the need to carefully prepare for change. This assessment asks you to consider what you would do to prepare for the change in an organizational scenario.

Organizational Scenario: ‘Moving operations’

Choose your current organization, an organization you have worked for, or an organization you are familiar with. Then choose one of the following ‘moving operations’ scenarios:

· The organization is moving operations to the cloud

· The organization is relocating from the central business district (CBD) office in Melbourne to a new office in Melton (45 km away, but accessible by public transport)

To prepare for this assessment task:

3. Consider the implications of one of the ‘moving operations’ scenarios

4. Think about what the selected organization needs to do to prepare for this planned change

5. Successfully complete the activities in weeks 2 and 3.

Your assessment submission should include a cover page.


6. Provide an assessment of the organization’s readiness for change and highlight any areas of concern. (400 words)

7. Choose an organizational change model from the literature and justify why this model is best for the organization. (500 words)

8. Using the model as a framework (from step 2), describe the steps you would go through to prepare the organization for the change. (600 words)

9. Identify potential ‘red flag’ issues that you would need to pay special attention to as you prepare the organization for change. (200 words)

10. State the managerial and leadership implications of managing change in the organizations and how you will persuasively advocate recommendations to specialist and non-specialist audiences. (300 words)






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