TeleHealth Reflective Journal

The purpose of this assignment is to discuss your experience with the telehealth process, and the community setting. You can focus on one client or both, compare and contrast them and talk about your clinical experiences. This reflective journal should be written in a manner that meets academic standards and in APA format. It should be 12 font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, and a minimum of 4double spaced pages in length.

Please address the following questions with clear examples:

1. How did you provide “Patient-centered care” to your patients via telehealth? (Effective communication, Safety, and Nursing processes are all parts of “Patient centered care”).
2. What did you understand about teamwork and leadership in the patient’s care process?
3. Explain how you provided culture-sensitive care to your patient. Were there any barriers?
4. Discuss how you demonstrated Professional accountability in the role of a Telehealth student RN.

Please feel free to discuss anything else you find relevant

How hard it is to actually get a patient to answer a phone call so you can discuss how they were doing.
1st patient answered the phone but sounded irritated was only able to find out the medications he was still taking at home, that he had no seizures since discharged a few days ago from the ER, and he denied having any other problems.
2nd patient never answered the phone. Called 3 separate times and left 2 voicemails.
3rd patient never answered his phone. Called 3 separate times.


GRADING CRITERIA: Points 100 Possible Achieved Comments
Assignment submitted on time 10
Written to academic standards
• Spelling & grammar 10
Appropriate format
• Length, font, margins 10
Content: Answers all questions 20
Answers are meaningful, involves personal experiences 50


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