Beginning with one transition in your life of your choosing (not including your transition to graduate training at Naropa) then include each of the following three aspects of the paper:

Transition: Describe moving from small-town PA to Pittsburgh then to NYC and include food, yoga, sobriety, and environmental awareness. 1. In the paper, relate your experience to two of the following and include at least a synopsis of the course material on the topic : * Paradox (how have your approaches to paradox influenced your experience?) Suler, J. R. (1998). Paradox. In A. Molino (Ed), The couch and the tree: Dialogues in psychoanalysis and Buddhism (pp. 321-343). New York: North Point Press. * Lifestyle and awareness of ecological interdependence [Davenport] (how have you held climate change denial, grief around climate change, been affected by climate change, etc?) Davenport, L. (2017). The psychology of climate change denial. In L. Davenport, Emotional resiliency in the era of climate change: A clinicians guide. (pp. 32-55). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

* In between-ness and cultural location (reference at least two readings from the week of 9/22)

1 Anzaldúa, Gloria. (2009). Creativity & Switching Modes of Consciousness. In A. L. Keating (Ed), The Gloria Anzaldúa Reader (pp. 103-110). Durham: Duke University Press.
2 the role that contemplative practice has played or could have played in these transitions.2. Include your direct felt experience in the paper
3. Discuss the role that contemplative practice has played or could have played in these transitions.


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