Shifts in World Economy

Individual Assignment 1: Shifts in World Economy

Length: The guideline is 2 pages, double-spaced (Times Roman 12 font with standard 1″ margins).

Due: Midnight Monday week 2

Post: Week 1 Assignments folder

Introduction: This course will give you an overview of the development of the world economy, from the beginning of time to today’s complex and amazing configuration. You will glean insights from the text, course readings and discussions, as well as related video and website resources. This paper will allow you to describe the shifts in the world economy in the modern world, specifically looking at the past 30 years. Your paper will answer the following questions:

What are the four factors that determined the current modern economy?
How have these factors changed over the course of the 30 years?
How do the shifts manifest in the world economy? Give at least five examples.
What are the implications for business in North America? Great Britain? Hong Kong?
Initiate a discussion based upon your country of choice and the state of the economy there. (Germany)
Look at the history of your country’s economy basis, and how it has changed over the past 30 years.
As you begin your research for your country of choice, know that you will be asked to weave in research about your country’s economy throughout the coursework. Launch a continuous research effort of your country using websites, text book, related internet and traditional resources, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, etc. Often students find it helpful to prepare an outline with two to three differences or similarities in the reading in the text and the research (this does not need to be handed in). The outline will help you to focus in and analyze the differences. Keep your eye on the assignment as you read the text, watch the video and begin to assimilate research from the internet and other sources. This paper is based upon and substantiated by the research you have conducted. Remember you must cite your sources at least three times in the paper and you must use APA.

Be sure you have an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion.




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