Amnesty for undocumented immigrants

This assignment requires that you select a peer reviewed article pertinent to your topic that includes a research study and contains data/findings. You will deconstruct it into its primary elements:

· The Research Question;

· The Thesis;

· The Claims or argument;

· The Evidence or supporting facts; and,

· The Conclusions.

Please locate a peer-reviewed article and download it into a Word document. Locate the elements by annotating with the “highlight” tool or providing remarks in the margins.Please note, you should not just highlight an entire section.For example, do not highlight the entire conclusion and claim that you annotated it.You need to specifically focus on the conclusion statement(s) (sentences).
In a paragraph, discuss the most important points of the article.Do NOT use first person and be specific about the points in the article that should be discussed.For practice, include parenthetical citations in the paragraph.
Provide a complete APA citation for the article.



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