Educational leadership profession

Reading and study and you will see the video.

Post 1:

Winnie Tabor, Assistant Superintendent of Liberty Christian Academy, did a wonderful job explaining some of the most critical elements that compose good leadership. One of the elements of good leadership that Ms. Tabor expressed was that she takes great pride in her ethical and moral values. There is nothing that brings a greater sense of pride that hearing a fellow educator make mention of ethical and moral values. From the insight and wisdom that Ms. Tabor expressed during her interview, it is quite evident that Ms. Tabor is very seasoned. Therefore, I am confident that she ho problem with, “‘the demonstration of normatively appropriate conduct through personal actions and interpersonal relationships, and the promotion of such conduct to followers through two-way communication, reinforcement, and decision-making’’ (Lee et al., 2017, p. 47).

The perception of a school administrator will actually determine how the school year will go. Many people do not understand the concept that followers will not follow leaders who are perceived as corrupted. Therefore, it is critical that leaders are ethical and moral. This factor is especially critical when operating in an administrative role in a Christian school environment. I feel that it would be impossible to be a representation of Christ and not be moral or ethical. We are commanded to be upright in your dealings. I truly love the views that were expressed by Ms. Tabor. She is a stellar example of what truly good leadership should encompass.

Joe John.

Post 2:

From her perspective as a private school administrator, Winnie Tabor discussed several important aspects of being an effective educational leader.

Her attention to “ethical and moral values”, and that we, as educational leaders, need to “be above reproach” (Tabor 2012) illustrates the standard to which we are held in the public eye. This is an area particularly important to consider when working at a time when the constant stream of social media outlets are almost begging educational professionals to say something that can be misconstrued and ultimately used against them.

Tabor also noted her focus on communication, particularly indicating one should find positive things to express to those one supervises. She stated, “As an educational leader, I find time to write personal notes. I think it’s important. Many times an email may come across with the wrong tone.” (Tabor, 2012). In my experience, this is one of the most valuable, and underutilized, techniques school administrators have to connect with their staff.

In 2008, I began working at a brand new school that had just gotten a new principal. At a staff meeting before the year started, the principal introduced us to the book, Fish: A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results (Lundin, Paul, & Chirstensen, 2000). At the end of the staff meeting, every staff member was given a pad of large sticky notepads that were shaped like fish. Throughout the year, staff found these fish shaped sticky notes on their doors with encouraging messages or compliments about their outstanding work. This idea has stuck with me over the past ten years for three main reasons. First, this principal began the year by modeling her belief that every single member of her staff would do many things that year that would deserve to be recognized. Second, she included all staff members, from custodians to teachers to administration in this project. In doing this, she helped break down the staff barriers that sometimes exist. This was an exercise in teamwork that showed us that we would all have to work together to make the school the best it could be. Finally, this was an idea that required very little preparation and time, but was so encouraging and meaningful to the entire staff that it lasted for all three years I was at that school. Though there were many challenges throughout the years, this activity always set the tone for a positive year. I plan to begin my administrative career with similar activities to keep the focus on teamwork and a positive working environment.



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