LAB QUESTIONS – School Lunches

How does Ann Cooper directly relate nutrition and the food we eat to our personal health and disease prevention?
According to Ann Cooper, what specific diseases and health issues are directly caused by poor nutrition and food choices? Do you personally know anyone or have experience with any of the diseases discussed in the video?
How do public health policies and government regulations influence the food that we eat as a nation? What does Ann Cooper mean when she says that the government “commodifies” food?
What does Ann Cooper mean when she says, “Nonnutrient foods are really, really cheap, which is why I say it’s a social justice issue”? (7:50 in video)
How might having cooking and gardening classes in schools change the relationship that students have with food, therefore changing their overall health?
The nutritional changes that Ann Cooper has made in the Berkeley School District are significant. Do you believe that these changes are possible nationwide? Would you want changes like having a salad bar or gardening and cooking classes at your school?
Go to minute 12:00 in the video and pause it, or go to this link.Examine the Healthy Meal Wheel that Ann Cooper has created. How does your diet compare to her suggested daily nutrition? Where do you need to make improvements to your diet based on her Meal Wheel?
In your community, what do you think could be done to improve not only the nutrition of students but also the nutritional health of your community as a whole?
How would improving the nutritional health of an entire community impact the overall physical, emotional, and financial health of that community?



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