Ethic Influence and Influencer

Per Below What would you do in such circumstances?
As human beings, we have developed our personal values and belief systems. This is a function of the various influences of family, community, culture, society, etc. In addition, as psychologists, we adhere to a system of ethics and rules to guide our professional behavior. So, what do we do when the two systems come into conflict in a professional setting? What, for example, does the psychologist do when his/her client seeks an abortion which in is a conflict with the psychologist’s personal belief system? These conflicts are unavoidable. So what do we do? Attached is an article discussing values-based conflicts in the counseling context.
What would you do in such circumstances?


Historically the practice of psychotherapy has had some horrific behaviors associated with it. These problems certainly promoted the APA to develop evidence-based practice and empirically supported interventions as an attempt to protect the client. Attached is a link to an article on the warning signs of bad therapy practice: What are your thoughts?


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