Organization withinthe Community Context

Community- Columbia, SC

Agency- Dept of Health and human Services

I will attach the Unit 2 assignment paper

This is a 500–750 word narrative paper supported with reputable sources that describe the human services organization you work for, or would like to work for as a human services leader, in the community identified in the assignment in Unit 2.

While you understand your role and function within the agency, a human services leader needs to extend that context of practice to understanding the organization within the community. The organization was started and continues to serve the community for a reason. The paper explores the reason and the relation of the organization and the community over time.

As you gather the content for this paper, consider these questions:

How does the organization fit into the community?
What is its mission and services?
How does it fit into the network of services?
What is its history with the community and specific groups?
How does it involve the community in decisions—board, advisory council, other?
What types of outreach does it do?
What is available on its Web site?
Note: Integrate these ideas into a cohesive narrative. Refrain from answering the questions like a take-home exam.



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