Please write a 1-2 page paper about something from your own life, or from a current event, that helps you understand cultural diversity, privilege, or inequality. What psychological concepts, terms, or theories have you learned this semester that help you understand this event? How did the materials in this class give you a greater appreciation of the variety and diversity of human experience (e.g., gender, race, sexuality, religion)?

Please use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced for this assignment. Remember to support your ideas with content from the books and other resources from this course. Use APA citations in text and in a reference section for the parts you paraphrase from the course materials.

Grading Rubric for Critical Thinking Assignment

Content of assignment (description and analysis)

60 points

Writing (grammar, spelling, organization, minimum length requirements, etc)

10 points

APA formatting (in-text and reference section)

5 points




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