. Health care advancements and discoveries are ongoing

1. Health care advancements and discoveries are ongoing. Share an innovation, technology, or device NEW WITHIN THREE YEARS or still in development aimed to improve practice and well-being (acute/subacute or community/population). What is it? Who is making /sponsoring it? How is it different from what is currently available (what benefits)?

Here are some sources to consider: Universities, Schools of Medicine, and Institutes of Science, NASA, National Academies of Science and Engineering in Medicine, Professional Organizations for Biomedical Engineering –

2) Best practice is supported by evidence (research). With discoveries so new, research may be limited. Search the literature – What evidence (RESEARCH) would best support implementing your discovered innovation/technology/device? (Hint: You may or may not find the specific innovation however; you may find the problem (research findings) that led to it’s development.)

Must use reference with in 5 years (at least 2 please)



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