Sociological Framework

Choose a problem you would like to solve within society. This could be about environmental issues, human trafficking etc.. You will use this issue throughout the course and come back to it to look at the issue through a variety of sociological perspectives. Be sure to choose an issue that will allow you to look up peer reviewed sources (academic journals) so that you can review them for the benefit of looking at your issue. The reason for using academic journals is so that you can obtain the most unbiased information possible. This will be especially important for political issues, if you choose these. Political issues must have unbiased data associated with them in order to remove emotional connections. If you do not feel as though you can remove the emotional connection you have to an issue, it is most sincerely important to consider not writing about that issue.

Step 2

Look at your social problem through the lens of one of these theories: Social interactionism Conflict Theory, or Social Functionalist. Develop the discussion strictly in the terms used within your chosen theory. For example if you chose social interactionism how have we developed meaning about this social problem from our social perspective? How would someone experiencing the problem develop meaning about the problem


What is the offered suggestion for improving this specific problem? How could it be possible to eliminate the problem according to this specific article from society? Also do you feel this is reasonable? Why? Submit 2-3 page paper

Use APA style

Cite your sources inside your work and in a reference section




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