Contract Issues Case Summary

There is a case that i will attach it and what you need to do is :

please write the short paragraph for the summary, and the most important part is the key issues, and bring some question at the end

Summary of case, key issues, questions which is these three steps

2. Read the case and prepare a summary of the main facts in the case. You can use a simple bullet outline or numbered outline to organize your facts. The idea is to have the key facts at your fingertips so you can know what facts are available and so you can recall them quickly during a discussion. For example, below are three facts from the case.

3. List the key issues or requirements in this case? A good place to start is at the “Required” section at the end of the case. Using this as a start, you can identify additional problems or issues you need to address.

4. Bring to class a list of help needed questions that will allow you to develop the answers to the questions or requirements in this case. For example, there may be a contract issue in the case. You may not know exactly what a legal “contract” is. If so, come to the class with a list of such questions. Some sample questions:

NOTE: The coaching or help session will not address questions pertaining to core concepts from the lower division core. You have previously studied these concepts. Also, do not ask questions about facts that are missing in the case. The instructor does not know any more than what is given in the case and he or she cannot make up facts that the case writer did not provide.


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