Cyber-matchmaking among Indians

Caton, C.L.M. (1995). Risk Factors for Homelessness among Women and Schizophrenia. American Journal of Public Health, 85(5), 1153-56. This article describes and assesses a study that was completed with two hundred subjects, all of whom were women. The researchers were asking about and analyzing the risk factors of becoming homeless for women who had been diagnosed as severely mentally ill. After a discussion of a number key research findings, the article highlights its central finding that a lack of family support is strongly associated with homelessness for women also experiencing mental illness. Conflict in families, especially low-level but pervasive emotional antagonism between parents, turns up as a key factor in pushing young women away from families and into homelessness once other coping mechanisms have been exhausted. This article complements the findings emerging from the other sources I have consulted in that is focuses specifically on push factors leading to the particular experiences of women’s homelessness. It also offers deeper insights into the topic as it presents findings from both statistical analysis and in-depth interviewing. It is especially relevant to my essay’s central focus as I am highlighting the relationship between institutional characteristics and social systems (especially families) and the women’s experiences entering into homelessne




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