The current covid-19 crisis

When making the recommendations be sure to include

1. Recommendation based upon the current climate ( Covid-19 Situation)

2. Recommendations based up upon if covid-19 was not going on right now

When doing the conclusion be sure to include

1. A quick brief/Overview of the main points and topics

I did a general research in the Romulus, Michigan area that Special tree wants to open up a new facility. The owner wanted to compare and contrast from competitors around that area. He currently owns: Specialtree

Now our team have to complete another assignment based upon the research we have done over the past weeks.

“Written report to client”

Execute summary

Table of contents

Description of the clients business

Industry analysis

Project description, process and analysis of the business problem

Conclusion and recommendations

Appendices with key date, financial projects etc

Each section of the plan should include adequate data and cited sources to be credible.



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