Human values and moral canons

Additionally, I wanted to provide some more clarification on the Final Project to those that might still feel a bit confused about its requirements. You can find the Final Assignment instructions in the “Assignments” tab.

For the Visual component, you will need something that we (the audience) can see you refer to throughout the presentation. This will most likely be a PPT presentation, though you can use any sort of visual presentation tool that you’d like.

For the Aural component, you will be presenting with your voice, obviously. Now whether or not you would like to pre-record your presentation is up to you.

For the Read component, you should have something for the audience to read and reflect upon, such as a news article having to do with your interests.

For the Kinesthetic component, this will be an interactive component for your presentation. You can use a Kahoot or some other online tool to have something for the class to interact with your presentation with.


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