Preparation approaches and objectives for workplace

Topic: A recent event in the news has prompted the HR Manager to review the training process for an active shooter situation. You have been asked to develop an active shooter training session. Participants will be all employees across the organization.

Provide 2 training methods you would use to delivery your training session. Provide a brief narrative on why you chose them.
For each training method provide 2 objectives for your chosen method. These are method-training based, unlike organizational perspectives, these are written from the perspective of what the employee attending training will be able to take away from each method.

Topic: The HR manager has informed you the employee morale is low and it is affecting workflow productivity. You have been asked to come up with a training session to improve employee morale. Participants will be all department managers.

Training Method: Lecture

Lecture Training Objective:

Explain one strategy for how an employee, such as a manager, can improve employee morale.
Note: Each objective should be measurable, the way to measure this objective would be to see if the strategy chosen increased morale over a period of time.


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