Intelligent discussions Responses

Watch “why clear definitions are key to intelligent discussions,” “What are continents?” and “What is life? Is death real?” and respond to the following questions in 250+ words and briefly to 2 other students.

What is the importance of defining terms?

Is there ever a time where we should define terms or refuse to define terms?

Have you or others you know ever had issues defining terms, and did that cause problems? If so, explain.

How have we used this concept of defining terms in this class so far?

What is the difficulty with defining continents and life?

Did you have an accurate understanding of these concepts before watching these videos, and if you didn’t how has that now changed?

What other words can you think of that perhaps aren’t well defined that we need to take time to define as a society?

Are there any words relevant to the class that we should also take time to define before moving forward?

How will the concept of defining terms be useful to your last paper?

What terms may you need to define for your audience?


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