The NCAA support for collegiate athletics

The National Collegiate Athletics Association helps organize all collegiate athletics for membership institutions. They also organize, and operate the National Championship events each year. The money generated from the NCAA Men’s National Championship Tournament help fund all of these other events, and makes it’s way back to the student athletes in one way or another. For this ipad challenge you will be asked to investigate deeper into the NCAA, their funding, their programs, and their future. Follow the prompts below to begin your investigation, and address each of the below items in your powerpoint/prezi/keynote.

Get Started

– Create a Keynote, or Powerpoint that addresses the following.

Visit and become familiar with the content and navigation
List and describe the main differences between DI, DII, DIII
NCAA Finances – address the following
How much does the NCAA generate annually
Where does this money go?
Which of these outlets (where the money goes) is the most surprising
Elaborate and explain more about 2 of these outlets
Which outlet should receive more funding in your opinion , and why?
Should the NCAA move ahead with the plan to distribute more money based on academic performance? Why or why not? Will their current plan work in your opinion?
The NCAA will make a One time distribution of $200 Million
Where does this money come from?
How will it be used?
In your opinion is this going to work or not? Why or why not? What areas could use more/less funding ?
Out of the 90 NCAA Championships hosted each year, which 5 are self-sustaining?
What is the formula used to determine when the NCAA mens basketball national championship game will be played?
What is the formula to determine when the DI Lacrosse championship will be played
Which of the NCAA leadership development programs is the most important and why
(scholarship, grant and internship programs)

– Reflect on key takeaways from this ipad challenge, and list some things that surprised you about your findings.

Unless noted in specific iPad Challenges, students should ALWAYS include Sources at the end of their iPad Challenge report, presentation, prezi, keynote, or paper. A minimum of 1 Source per iPad Challenge should come from either: the Sports Business Journal; the Wall Street Journal; or a Lynn Library Journal, or publication.


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