Human–computer interaction (HCI)

You are the lead human–computer interaction (HCI) engineer on a major design project for an organization of your choice. Employees or customers will use this new system and user interface (UI) design to perform data entry for the organization. The UI will need to provide the required input and output to characterize the type of data collected by the organization.

Choose an organization, such as a business, nonprofit group, government, or another organization. Provide a description of your chosen organization, including the following:

Name of the organization
Business type
Size of the organization
Planned users for the interface
Type of data that must be captured
The use of the data
Part of your job is to elicit and define the UI requirements for this new design.

Write a neatly-formatted report that includes the following:

Title page
Report of 3–5 pages consisting of the following:
Introduction to the contents of the report
Description of the organization, as detailed above
Identification of the following elements that must be included in this UI design for the organization:
Fields you expect to see in this UI screen design (e.g., menus, data entry screens, boxes, help, fields, drop-down menus)
List of requirements that will ensure that this interface design can easily capture data input in multiple languages
Explanation of interface alternatives that will be needed for different language orientations (e.g., different characters for right and left)
Effective conclusion
References must be properly cited in APA style


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