Pollinator Conservation (Links to an external site.)

Respond to each prompt thoroughly. Be sure to write 300 words (total); answering each question in a separate paragraph. Check your spelling and grammar carefully before you submit.

Identify and discuss, in detail, the main ideas/issue(s) addressed in this reading. Specifically identify direct examples/references from the reading.
In what ways can you connect what you just read to our Module 3 or other module Learning Outcomes?
Reflect: What was the most interesting thing you learned or most important take away you had from this reading? In what way did the reading impact or deepen your understanding, or peak your interest? Do you have any personal experiences that connect to the reading? Where there any AHA’s or surprising tidbits of information? From the perspective of your chosen career, are there any ideas or issues that would have an impact on you? What would be your take-away from the the information you just learned?


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