The Challenge of E-waste Recycling In Saudi Arabia

This is (My Name) , I am looking for PhD position in your Labe. I have granted as scholarship from Saudi government. I finished master degree of IT from University of Canberra in 2019. The master thesis was about the “Detection the outliers using R” and “The Challenge of E-waste Recycling In Saudi Arabia“. Before that, I completed bachelor degree in information technology from Open University in 2011, and I worked on was about creating “Virtual Central Bank” by using, SQL2005, HTML, VRML as graduation project.

I have work experience in some software and R programming. I worked as a research assistant in Detecting The Outlier Using R Lab under the supervision of Prof. Shuangzhe Liu who is one of the most prominent professors on econometrics, statistics and data science with applications to various areas in Canberra.

2- working in:
I worked in Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia as administrative assistant for 4 years.
– Currently, I am working at DACO Companies, as IT Maneger.


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