Interior design in a global pandemic

write two paragraph about how you would do this.

Let’s say someone in your household gets sick and needs to live separately from the family. How will you rearrange things to avoid infecting others in the house? Show me this by drawing a plan

This website has excellent information on physical space and the coronavirus.…

Read/watch/listen to the “Managing Your Household” and “Navigating Public Spaces” sections. You will be designing two spaces: the place where you currently live, and one “essential services” space.

1. If someone in your current household becomes sick but not sick enough for the hospital, how will they live safely in the house? What needs to be rearranged for safe sleeping, toileting, cooking, clothes washing, entrance and exit, access to clothes, etc. etc. Your design solution should include a plan of the space, photos, and explanatory text.

2. (Do not make any extra trips out for this next section.) When you next must go to an “essential services” business, pay attention. When you get home, make notes/pictures of what you saw. Design one way it could be improved to increase the safety for both customers and workers. Show me this design in sketches/pictures/text


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