Implicit bias of healthcare providers

In “Addressing Implicit Bias in Nursing” A review, Narayan, Mary Curry
MSN, RN, examines the unconscious bias in the healthcare field towards
minorities and questions the effects of bias towards quality care.
Narayan asserts that unconscious bias deprives minorities of quality care.
“The IOM cited numerous studies providing substantial evidence that
patients belonging to racial and ethnic minority groups confront lack of
access as well as inappropriate, inadequate, and uncaring health services”
(Narayan, 2019).

Narayan’s findings support on my research question that the
wholesome health of a nurse directly impacts patient outcome. They used a
systemic review of different studies and found the nurses to be less friendly
and doing shorter rounds. They also found potential solutions to improve
the relationships between nurses and their patients. Some
recommendation including, reflecting, taking time to settle down before
entering a patients room, and being mindful.

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