Food web and enregy flow

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  • Read/watch: Desert Food Web and Energy Flow

  •  Read: Module 3 Learning Presentation
  • Desert Museum Fact Sheet 

Complete the Assignment

Respond to the following questions thoroughly in your own words, and in separate paragraphs. You must write at least 300 words (total) and include at least three specific examples from the Learning Presentation/reading/video.

  1. Describe how energy is transferred from the sun into a food web. What is the process? How does energy flow through a food web?
  2. Identify and provide definitions and specific examples for each type of producer and consumer
  3. Describe what could happen if one or more organisms were eliminated from a specific ecosystem
  4. In what ways can you connect what you just read/watched to our Module 3 or other module Learning Outcomes? Provide specific examples.
  5. From your reading/watching, draw a simple Sonoran Desert Food web with at least six organisms. Be sure to include the sun. Take a picture of your work and submit to Canvas; please be sure I can see everything clearly


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