criticiques militarization and militarism.

1. Watch excerpts of speeches by former President Dwight Eisenhower and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in which they criticize militarization and militarism.
Video 1:
Video 2:
2. Respond with short answers to five questions asking you to describe and analyze the speeches. You will also need to draw on the week’s reading, “Cultures of MilitarismLinks to an external site.,” by Hugh Gusterton and Catherine Besteman
3. Provide feedback on question answers with an assigned peer. These will be automatically assigned in the peer review function of this assignment. Please note that you must submit your assignment on time to get paired automatically.

Submission Details:
Answers to each of these questions should be 150-200 words each, provide quotes from the speeches or reference specific ideas from the reading (you must draw on the reading in at least one answer), sentences should be complete and coherent.

Please answer the following questions:

1. What do you think King and Eisenhower mean by the terms militarization and militarism and what kinds of phenomena/events are they referring to?
2. What effects and implications did Eisenhower and King anticipate from militarism and militarization?
3. Were King and Eisenhower right? Support or disagree with their stated positions taking into account the historical moment in which they gave these speeches.
4. If King and Eisenhower were alive today, what kinds of global conflicts and global issues do you think they see militarism and militarization causing?
5. Suppose that the warnings by Eisenhower and King had been heeded, what would life in your home country look like today without the military-industrial-complex or militarism?

The word count doesn’t have to be 1100, each answer be 150-200 words is enough.


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