Evaluation of Personality theory

Think about the similarities and differences between your personality and the personalities of your mother, father, or siblings. What are the similarities and differences? Based on your knowledge of personality theory – what do you think contributes to these similarities and differences?

Here is an example on how to write this

Similarities with Dad

  • Sociable and socially aware
  • Caring for family and close relatives (family-orientated)
  • Independent

Differences with Dad

  • Better temper

Similarities with Mom

  • Kindhearted and selfless
  • Organized and responsible

Differences with Mom

  • More social

There are two main factors that contributed to these similarities and differences.

First, my environment during infancy and childhood. I think I’m very family orientated because both my parents have always stressed the importance of being together as a family. No matter how late my dad came back from work, the whole family would always have to be present at the dinner table to eat with him. Lunch on Sunday’s were always reserved as a time for the whole family to be together. It was extremely important to my parents that we took a family vacation every year. Birth order also played a factor in helping me become more independent. Being the first child, I had my parent’s full attention for the first 10 years of my life. When I was 10, my sister was born, and my parents focus eventually shifted towards her. I was able to develop my independence and feelings of responsibility when there were no parents constantly looking over my shoulder.

Second, parental factors. My mom did a good job of satisfying my physiological and safety needs during childhood, and as a result I have a trusting attitude and feel secure. My parents were always extremely supportive, and I tend to be social, outgoing, and willing to try new experiences. At the same time, my parents were authoritative when they needed to be, helping me become more mature, socially aware, and less impulsive.


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