Effects of Covid-19 on healthcare service delivery

There are 3 articles which i need you to read and share your thoughts about each article. I will share articles and more details when we agree to work on

i will send you pic of articles now and give you more info. There are 3 different articles and this is group project but i am supposed to write it all. The article about VIRUS STRAINS HOSPITALS and LOWMAKERS FOR POSSIBLE INSIDER TRADING is for my other two grouop members. When you talk about these articles you should prented like this is their ideas about this article. HOW CORONAVIRUS INVADED A NEW YORK COMMUNITY is my article so when you talk about this article you can mention it as my idea about this topic. Also, you can comment on each article pretending me after these all cause i am the one who will report it. Overall should be 4 pages long in APA format.


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