Business outlook: spa and massage parlor

Summary: We have studied this semester in detail aspects of marketing across business types. Many of the areas have referred to global trend’s techniques and corporations. An Area that we have not covered in detail but is important is small and medium sized businesses. What’s important about the small business segment is that they account for up to 80% of new jobs in the global economy yet they usually do not have the resources and wherewithal to market themselves successfully and grow the way a larger and well-funded company would.

Here are the deliverables for this project. It should be 5-10 pages in length and include research on the following areas:

Business Owner Interview: I want everyone to interview a business owner and ask them the following:

What ways do they currently market their business?
Who is their clientele and how are they making the best connections with them?
What ways have they marketed in the past 2 years (i.e., word of mouth, print, email merges, website videos, Facebook ads, Twitter, mailers, door to door etc)?
What has worked and what has not worked?
What areas would they consider investing more money into to achieve more of a return?
What ways do they feel they need help?
Format of the assignment:

There does not need to be any formal flow of the assignment other than that it includes all the data points that are assigned above. It can be in a structed report style if you prefer or it can be done in an interview style where you ask questions and record the answers. Any business type can be used for the report (i.e. retail establishment, consulting company, hospitality, restaurant, manufacturing, technical firms etc.)

Learning Outcomes of the assignment:

I want everyone to think of ways they would apply their own creativity and examples of what they learned to help the business grow and succeed for the business that you choose. Feel free to add any additional comments on areas where you think the business owner should invest based on what they told you and what you learned so far in this course.


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