A Rose for Emily: case study

Write a response paper where you address one of the following prompts:

Select any one of the readings from weeks 1-2, and read it again carefully. Why is this story still regularly taught and assigned in literature courses today- and do you think it should be? Why or why not? What might it say about human nature or experience that could still be considered important or instructive today?
Swap characters from any two of these week 1-2 stories into the other’s story, in that character’s place. How would either or both of these stories change as a result, and why?
Are you familiar with any other literature, film, television, or music that reminds you of any of these stories, in terms of character, theme, plot, or tone? If so, compare the two works in detail.
Argue for which one of these stories is BEST, and why. While this will ultimately be only your subjective opinion, argue your case as though you were a lawyer defending a client, using evidence and trying to win over your audience. What is it about your chosen story that makes it more effective, valuable, or interesting that the others you’ve read these first few weeks? The tone here can be humorous and lighthearted, or deadly serious.

Your analysis should contain at least ONE direct quote and ONE paraphrase from the text (with MLA in-text citations as necessary), and your paper should include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.
Remember to observe MLA formatting: double-space your paper, with headings and a centered title on page 1; use 12 Times New Roman font.
Your finished response should be 500 words or more.

All response papers in English 102 will be graded using the Response Paper Rubric that can be found in the Course Rubrics booklet under Course Syllabus.

Please review the syllabus and course calendar in Moodle for all published due dates. In general, late work is not accepted without a well-documented excuse. Please refer to the syllabus for specific course policies on late work.

◀︎ Week 2 Required Reading (Literature)


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